To blog or not to blog?…that is my question

I’ve considered many times whether I should be entering the world of blogging. I love social media; I have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (which I am not using to its full potential) and I would say my iPhone and I are pretty much attached at the hip. The problem is, I love social media for the “social” bit. I want to share pictures of holidays and nights out on Facebook and Instagram with my friends, and read total strangers’ thoughts about last night’s TV on Twitter. I admit I have found the transition to using, in particular, Twitter for professional purposes challenging. I find myself censoring my posts because I don’t want colleagues to discover I am a secret Made in Chelsea fan or that X Factor is my Saturday night guilty pleasure (I guess the cat is out of the bag now!).

However, I  get a lot out of reading blogs about libraries, learning development, education in general and technology. Following other professionals on Twitter has given me a fantastic sense of community and provides an invaluable place to share, discuss and network in a way which I only really did at conferences. I think my reluctance to Tweet and blog professionally has really come down to confidence (or lack thereof), particularly in my writing ability and whether I have anything interesting to share. Mostly, I have an anxiety of putting myself “out there” and not getting the response I hope for.

LD5D seems like the person opportunity to give blogging a go. I realised that I actually love it when colleagues in the profession share something about their “real life”- it makes people relatable so I am not going to worry too much about blurring my personal and professional identity  (I promise not to over-share!). So in that spirit my social media identity on most things but LinkedIn is Shelldaynight- the “Shell” bit is just what everyone calls me (shortened from Michelle) and the “daynight” comes from one of my favourite comedies Kath and Kim.

I will be sharing my thoughts mainly around academic skills, learning development, libraries and technology. I promise no Made in Chelsea posts 🙂


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