#LD5D week 3- Google+

This week we have been looking at Google+, I have had a Google account for ages- I mean is it even possible to do anything on the internet without having to sign up to Google at some point? A few months ago I did try and engage with Google+ but just found that i didn’t have the time to really explore it and Twitter just seemed so much easier… I definitely haven’t fully explored the potential of it but as a result of this module I will endeavour to get my head around it! I see it as more of a professional network whereas for me, Facebook is securely in the realms of the personal.

I have been using Google Drive for collaborative projects and I actually really like it. It’s easy to use and easy to share, edit and organise documents. I also have a LinkedIn account but I admit that I have not kept that profile up-to-date or even fully completed it which is terrible! More on that next week though….

Over the past few months, and the last few weeks while working through this module I have realised that I am too much of a consumer of information and need to share, comment and interact with others a lot more. My question is though, how does everyone find the time?


One thought on “#LD5D week 3- Google+

  1. Hi Michelle! Sorry about my late response – password nightmare having both WordPress.com and WordPress.org accounts – aaargh!

    Glad you’re finding Google Drive useful. We use it in my team alot for collaboration too. Have you used it with students at all? You can also collaborate on a Google doc via a community – perhaps this is something to try in the future?

    I know what you mean about finding the time! I tend to write and comment on blog posts in the evenings when I have time to reflect. I don’t have kids though – not sure when I would find the time if I did! :o)



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